Our Services


  • Managing Stock Counts in Stores
  • PnP – SAP / Shoprite & Checkers – B2B / Spar – Insight
  • Negotiating Orders with Franchise Owners / Wholesalers
  • Negotiating free displays in Store
  • Motivate buyer allocations
  • Repsly Real-Time Reporting
  • Managing the Success of all Promotions
  • Sales Reviews to Store and Regional Managers
  • Monthly / Quarterly Sales Drive Handling


Merchandiser Management:

  • Daily Call-in Registers
  • Daily Sign In / Out Documents
  • WhatsApp Communication
  • Daily supervision by management structure 7 days a week
  • Biztrack system

Merchandising Controls:

  • Merchandising Steps Of A Call
  • Stock Availability Control
  • Daily Stock Level Optimisation
  • Client Check Sheets
  • Point of Sale Management
  • Shelf/Store Layout Management
  • Planogram Management
  • Management of Client Returns
  • Ensuring a Positive ROI for our Partners
  • Brand Activations / New Products Launches
  • In Store drives, ie. Bulk Displays / Gondola Ends / Cross Merchandising
  • In Store Promotion

Key Account Services

  • New product listings
  • Management of annual trading terms
  • Monthly and annual reviews and reports
  • Management of pricing and discount structures
  • Drive allocations into the store
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    Trade Intelligence

    Coast & Country use a locally developed sales force solution called Repsly. Our partnership with Repsly has allowed us to customise this trade intelligence solution based on our specific needs as an organisation as well as the requirements of our customers.

    In an ever-growing technology-focused world, the Repsly platform is premised on using technology to help our unit managers and merchandisers perform their tasks more effectively in the field. This in turn allows us to gather the information we need to keep our customers informed regularly and to make decisions together, based on real-time data.

    The Repsly platform is ever-evolving to keep up to date with our desire to share real-time data and insights with our suppliers. In offering a superior reporting dashboard to each client, we are able to match targets with results and determine gaps and goals with a fast turnaround time. Our investment in this technology is in line with our core mission to offer superior service to our customers in an industry which is fast-paced, sales-focused, and promotion driven across a wide range of retail and wholesale customers.

    Repsly offers:

  • Call Cycle Management
  • Supplier Galleries
  • Promotional Compliance
  • Price, NPD & Adhoc Surveys
  • Planogram Compliance
  • Ranging & Assortment
  • Image Recognition Technology
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    Supplier Intelligence

    Coast & Country Sales uses Secuvest, the latest business intelligence system. The system provides store deranged line items, store out of stocks, store zero sales, store overstocks and SKU Ranking/ Store Ranking reports to our suppliers



  • Stock level management assistance
  • Monitor timeous delivery of our Suppliers’ product into the Distributor’s warehouse
  • Monitor the Distributor’s delivery service levels to store
  • Weekly/Fortnightly site visits to Customer distribution centres
  • Quarterly site visits to Client distributors
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    Field Operations Organisation Structure inclusive of :

  • Merchandisers
  • Field Marketers
  • Area Marketers
  • Unit Managers
  • Area Managers
  • Merchandising Managers
  • Account Managers
  • General Manager
  • In-house Administrative/Support structure inclusive of:

  • Dedicated Orders team
  • Sales Support team
  • Dedicated Payroll team
  • Human Resources department
  • Information Communication
  • Technology Systems Analyst
  • Executive Management Team Strategic Partnerships have been built with the following organisations for the sourcing of suitable candidates for various opportunities:

  • Wholesale & Retail SETA
  • ETDP Seta
  • College of Cape Town
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